Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Facial wrinkles appear without any warning. The most common reasons are aging, environmental damage, loss of moisture and impaired new cell growth. Now we have learned that repetitive movements of facial muscles such as frowning, squinting, and even smiling can drastically speed up the wrinkle process. Until recently there hasn't been any real viable anti-wrinkle solutions pertaining to repetitive facial movements besides BOTOX® – which paralyzes the facial muscles. Now recent research has discovered a unique peptide from naturally derived amino acids can reduce the muscle contractions and diminishes the depth and length of facial wrinkles. The peptide Acetyl Hexapeptide (AH3), trade name Argireline.

Argireline is the only ingredient in cosmetics today that offers the same results as BOTOX® without needles or the risk of damage to the skin or facial muscles. Argireline blocks the nerve signals that control the contraction of facial muscles. This produces a significant reduction in both the depth and size of wrinkles and fine lines. BOTOX® actually paralyzes muscles so that they can't contract. Argireline is non-invasive and safe for use in all areas of the face and throat (unlike BOTOX®), and provides continuous, cumulative effects which can ultimately last longer than BOTOX®.

Repair and Firm Loose or Sagging Skin:

As we progress through various stages of life the structure of our skin changes. Weight loss and gain, pregnancy, exercise and general aging will deplete the strength of the skin elasticity and allow it to sag or feel loose. While many opt for plastic surgery to "tuck" the skin, there are active ingredients (if formulated properly) in topical skin care treatments that can provide dramatic results for this common skin problem.

AlphaDerma CE contains a variety of active ingredients to treat loose or sagging skin, such as: Dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE, which helps strengthen and stabilize cells plasma membrane, and with regular use will tighten and firm facial and neck skin for a more defined, youthful appearance. Collagen, which is an integral part of the natural support structure of the skin, and Vitamin C Ester, which aids in collagen production as it boosts antioxidant action.

Diminish or Remove Stretchmarks and Scars:

We have three layers of skin: the epidermis, or outer layer; the dermis, or middle layer; and the subcutaneous stratum, or deepest layer. Stretch marks (also known as striae graridarum) occur in the dermis, the elastic, resilient middle layer that allows skin to retain its shape. If stretch marks formed on the skin's surface, they'd be much easier to treat. When the dermis is constantly stretched over time, the skin becomes less elastic and the connective fibers break. The result is the markings we know as stretch marks. Also, when the skin is cut or scraped the injury heals but an unsightly scar will remain.

Elastin is the main ingredient in our skin that allows it to stretch without leaving marks. As we age, our bodies stop producing Elastin, therefore, inhibiting the skins ability to stretch and contract without producing a mark. Collagen is an integral part of the natural support structure of the skin, reinforcing what Elastin puts back into the skin. Also, when collagen is added just below the surface of the skin it fills in unwanted lines and marks.

AlphaDerma CE contains the highest potency of Elastin and Collagen available to reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks and scars. In fact, it contains the rare, costly freeze-dried powdered Elastin concentrate which is almost 100% Amino acid content, making it 10 times more potent than standard Elastin products used in the U.S. and abroad.

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