Peter Rullan, M.D. highly recommends AlphaDerma CE

As a Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgeon, I understand the value of offering my patients a "skin firming and tightening system", specifically if it also offers a "Botox" effect as well. Janson-Beckett's system of the Alphaderma CE lotion, the Facial Skin Prep, and the Okusil Hexapeptide Intensive Under Eye Serum definitely provide these types of benefits, and I am pleased to endorse and recommend them.

There are 3 types of "peptides" in the market, including the KTTP found in "Strivectin" and in "Regenerist", the "growth factors" found in Skin Medica's "TNS Recovery Serum" or "Replenix", and the AH3 Hexapeptide (Argireline) found in the Janson-Beckett products. Of those 3, the most effective "Botox" effect in the SNAP neuro-muscular complex is delivered by Argireline, and the 10% concentration found in the Janson-Beckett products, is the highest effective concentration recommended. Results are seen within days and definitely within 30 days. You'll notice the difference within days of not using these products (which confirms that it really does work).

What really impressed me about these 3 products was the masterful combination of ingredients which mutually enhance the final result. The Peptide Facial Skin Prep contains Trace Minerals which enhances cellular energy and response, allowing the following products to penetrate and react more effectively. The Alphaderma CE lotion contains an amazing combination of humectants, anti-oxidants, muscle tighteners and "Botox" effect ingredients. The hydrolyzed collagen and the Elastin concentrate, are specially formulated to penetrate better than other formulations, thus providing an excellent moisturizing effect. The Argireline effect combined with the muscle tightening benefit of DMAE, allows the face to feel firmer and simultaneously have less contraction and wrinkling of the crows feet and forehead regions. Alpha Lipoic Acid is well known to be the most potent anti-oxidant (comparable to green tea) and when combined with Vitamin C Ester, provides protection against free-radicals that constantly damage our skin while enhancing our natural collagen production. We all want our under eye area to be less puffy and firmer, and the Okusil Eye Serum immediately provides those benefits much better that many other products that I have tried from many cosmetic and cosmeceutical lines.

Some of my patients have added eye moisturizers to this system, and others have added "retinoid" creams in areas where they have larger pores or acne scars. These Janson-Beckett products do provide UV-B and UV-A protection, but some patients have added a Z-Cote (micronized zinc oxide) sun block over them in the morning.

Make sure you let the Skin prep dry out well before you apply the Alphaderma CE and the Okusil. I am sure you will love these products, and you'll see what happens to your skin when you run out of'll want them back into your "regimen" as soon as possible.

Dr. Peter Rullan
Dermatology Institute
256 Landis Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

"I have been using your Alpha Derma Prep, Eye and lotion treatment for two months and I am ecstatic to say that it really does work better than Botox! In the past I was requiring Botox injections every 6 to 8 weeks to eradicate the crows feet wrinkles. However, since I have been using the Alpha Derma system, it has been SIX MONTHS since I have had Botox and the crows feet lines are still minimal. In the past I have also had local reactions to Botox and this product has significantly improved not only my skin and appearance but my health."
-With Sincere Thanks
[Testimonial provided to Dr. Rullan from one of
his patients using AlphaDerma, Prep, and OkuSil]

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